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Sunday, April 25th, 2004
2:04 pm
here comes the sun
Had a real good night last night. Havent laughed so much in ages.
I so dont want to go back to school tomorow it really sucks big style like. But im going to bunk off last period so i can go buy some apple cider vinegar and slimming tablets hopefully they will help with this whole fasting thing, which by the way is goin crap. Had to eat sunday lunch with my parents tried to leave as much as i could. but she burn it all off as im going for a walk with the girls.....
Its really sunny outside!!!!! like real proper summer sun you can actually fell the heat. i love it love it love it hopefully it will stay awhile.
So im planning on making the most of today. im only going to a little bit of my health and social (even though the dead line is tuesday) and then im going to go out and have lots of fun fun fun. And the fact that my parents are being arses is not going to effect me in anyway.
Saturday, April 24th, 2004
7:59 pm
damn me head
have only eaten that pie that i had earlier. i have got the most cracken head ache ever it feels like a truck is drving round my head. i suppose it part of the fasting thing (well not really fasting as i ate pie earlier). kylie and laura are coming round and their goin to eat while they eat (funfun)then were all going to go to rugby club to get rightly pissed (now that is funfun). yeah i no theres calories in drink but im givin up food i cant give up alcohol as well.

im listening to not "not the average girl from your video" india arie wish i really belived those lyrics life would be so much simpler. but whats the point in them if you are not happy with the way you look. i hate all those people who just say that you shouldnt care what other people think about you and what you look like. they dont no shit! i am care about the way i look. i wont peple to say how much weight ive lost it makes me happy. isnt that the worlds philosophy now a days "if it makes you feel good do it" so why doesnt everyone get off my case and let me feel good.
3:19 pm
pie is death
Oh i was so good yesterday i only ate my tea (which i had to eat because i don't want my mum to no ive stop eating again)and i went to work which is like an eight hour shift so that was loads of excercise, so all was good. Until this moring (oh woe is me) my mum had vistors last night so she made a big pie like the eviliest food in all the world and i just had to have a slice and then another slice and oh i cant believe i did it im so so weak. But im not going to eat anything else to day cause im going out wit my mates so i can tell mum im eating with them and my mates i ate at home. i hate lying to everyone but they leave me no choice and ive gotten pretty good at it.

Im trying to get all my coursework finished this weekend but it is like so not going to happen, since i ate the pie ive had to twice as much excercise which means ive hardly anytime to get stuck in.
Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
5:30 pm
Today was ok
My life really sucks at the moment. I cant believe easters over. i wanted to hang onto it forever. My exams are coming up soon and i cant concentrate for more than two seconds on anything. My dieting is going really bad. I ate Lunch today after promising myself that i would be good. Tried to throw it up again but all i could manage was retching. Then decided to be really stupid and come home and eat some yogurt cake. There is probably a shit load of cal's in that! I hate the way nobody understands. If i just met someone who i could be pro-ana with then i could manage this fasting business so much better.
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